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Tapp Into Your Full Potential

We wanted to be more than just a platform that showed you nice things. We wanted to enable you! And so, now for the first time in St. Vincent, you can buy those nice things straight from your phone.

Credit Card? PayPal?

Nothing's more annoying than being sent to the browser to make a payment. Pay within the app through a very smooth and well thought through interface.

Easily Pick-Up

Once you've made a purchase, you can easily pick up at the respective store by having a store clerk scan the barcode on your phone. Seriously, it's that simple - No Lines?

Great Deals

Take advantage of great deals within the app, most of which are exclusive to Tapp, which means - you won't get them any other way!

We're Social

We're a fully digital platform. So you can share deals, review a business, find location on the map, call them, find deals based on location and soon - have food delivered to you. ;)

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